Electric vehicle

In 2002, Applus+ IDIADA began the process of developing hybrid and electric vehicles with a focus on passive safety and durability. Over the last 10 years, Applus+ IDIADA has been involved in the development and homologation of more than 20 electric/hybrid vehicles, contributing our knowledge in the fields of passive safety, active safety, high-voltage safety, powertrain, durability and homologation. Applus IDIADA has developed an end-to-end service for the manufacture of hybrids and fully electric vehicles, able to fulfill all functions for all vehicle types.

Applus+ IDIADA is recognised as a centre of excellence in this field.

Related projects

OPTIBODY - Optimized structural components and add-ons to improve passive safety in the new electric light trucks and vans

Development of structural components for electric light trucks and vans to improve passive safety

 Co-funded project EU

ELVA - Advanced Electric Vehicle Architectures

Development of new vehicle architectures (powetrain, body and chassis) for a proper integration of electric vehicle components
Development of an online design support tool for electric vehicles that provides design guidelines required to fulfil the vehicle's targets

 Co-funded project EU

ID4EV - Intelligent Dynamics for Electric Vehicles

Development of chassis systems for electric vehicles focusing on vehicle dynamic performance of electric motors integrated in the wheels


Electric Vehicle Alert for Detection and Emergency Response


Electric motorcycle, development of an integral service for eCycles in Catalonia


To provide a demonstration vehicle for our DE / VD / brakes / PS / PWT and electronic capabilities; To provide Whole Vehicle Development demonstrator; To show advantages of in-wheel motors; To show that Applus IDIADA understands e-vehicle technology


Car-lab for the development of advanced chassis control systems


Electrification of a light delivery vehicle


Next generation car sharing vehicle


Electrification of a pick-up (high dynamic performance)


Energy efficiency strategies


Development of specific CAX methodologies for EVs


Applus IDIADA at EICMA 2015, the motorcycle world exhibition

Applus IDIADA is participating at EICMA, which is being held in Milan from November 17th to 22nd, considered the biggest event in the world dedicated to two-wheeled vehicles.

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