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Our strategic objective is to be recognized as the most innovative and client-oriented company of all those that render engineering and homologation services to the automotive industry worldwide.

The goals of the R+D activities are:

  • To develop high technological services

  • To keep an attractive services portfolio according to our clients’ needs





    New concept for the protection of child occupants of twho-wheeled motor vehicles. Programme: INNPACTO (Ministry for the Economy and Competitiveness with FEDER funds.

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  • Passive-safety

    Integrated safety


    Applus+ IDIADA is developing harmonised and standardized assessment procedures and related tools for selected integrated-safety systems in the following fields: autonomous driving; ADAS; PNCAP; testing and development of chassis-control systems; pre-crash systems; crash compatibility; child safety; whiplash; HMI.

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  • ITS



    90% of all the equipment found in a new vehicle is electronic and electronics now represent more than 30% of the total cost of a passenger car. Most vehicles are equipped with at least 4 ECUs, but in some cases this figure can reach 50.

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  • Road infrastructure

    Road infrastructure


    Applus+ IDIADA developed an integral service for the evolution of roadside elements that enhance safety in the event of an accident and comply with the requirements detailed in the following European and national standards: EN 1317-1, 1317-2 (European standards for the testing of road-safety systems. Apply to road barriers, bridge fences and energy absorbers. The energy-absorption and vehicle re-conducting capabilities are evaluated); UNE 135900 (Spanish standard for the evaluation of motorcyclist protection systems, for installation in vehicle-restraint barriers. Continuous and punctual systems are considered. Generally, the protection system is attached to the vehicle barrier, which is installed in normal working conditions. The system has to re-conduct the dummy and minimise the forces produced in the neck); EN 12767 (European standard relating to urban and road furniture. Post-crash velocity and vehicle behaviour are evaluated).

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  • ishare web

    Electric vehicle


    In 2002, Applus+ IDIADA began the process of developing hybrid and electric vehicles with a focus on passive safety and durability. Over the last 10 years, Applus+ IDIADA has been involved in the development and homologation of more than 20 electric/hybrid vehicles, contributing our knowledge in the fields of passive safety, active safety, high-voltage safety, powertrain, durability and homologation. Applus IDIADA has developed an end-to-end service for the manufacture of hybrids and fully electric vehicles, able to fulfill all functions for all vehicle types. Applus+ IDIADA is recognised as a centre of excellence in this field.

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corporate presentation 2012 EN


Applus IDIADA at EICMA 2015, the motorcycle world exhibition

Applus IDIADA is participating at EICMA, which is being held in Milan from November 17th to 22nd, considered the biggest event in the world dedicated to two-wheeled vehicles.

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